Welcome to ChurnFI

ChurnFI surfaces churning and stacking opportunities to help you expedite your journey to financial independence.

For the uninitiated;

[CHURN] Credit card churning involves opening new credit cards to get the intro bonus without intending to use the cards afterward. Churning isn't illegal, but it is controversial and frowned upon by some card issuers. While churning was popularized by credit card offers, I’ll be using the term more liberally to include bank sign-ups, freebies, and other deals of outsized value.

[FI] Financial independence. Often cited within the context of “FIRE,” Financial Independence, Retired Early. FI encourages people to live below their means so they have more money to invest towards early retirement or part-time work. The higher your savings rate, the quicker you can become work optional.

FIRE has evolved from one meaning to a multitude:

  • LeanFIRE, keeping a very strict budget to expedite your path to FIRE

  • FatFIRE, living large in retirement

  • BaristaFIRE, taking a part-time job during retirement in a field you find enjoyable

  • Etc

Introducing ChurnFI

So how does churning fit into FI(RE)?

While I’m not yet retired, churning has helped me increase my savings rate while simultaneously increasing quality of life. All for the low price of staying digitally organized with a spreadsheet and calendar reminders. Akin to the old joke; how do you know someone does CrossFit… they tell you. I’ve been blown away with how easy it is to get started and wanted to publicly share my progress so friends and family can follow along as they choose.

Each week I’ll be documenting churns that I think are worth highlighting, and sharing play by plays on my strategies and earnings of those that I participate in. While I don’t have specific earning goals to share, the thought is to spend a few hours per week earning at least $100 per hour of effort. A nice and round number that most of us would be happy to earn.

Until next week,